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General information

What is this StickerTune?

StickerTune is an app that lets you create stunning 3D animations with stickers from photos or videos with advanced background removal capabilities. All in one app without any professional equipment like a green screen.


Create stickers from photos, content providers like Giphy and videos (iOS15 required).

Choose between 13 different stunning animation presets.

Adjust with multitouch our cinematic 3D camera to create infinite variants of the animation.

Adjust the animation zoom, spacing, rotation and more using smart presets settings.

Apply beautiful gradients, texture backgrounds or stock images from content providers like Unsplash.

Choose between all the most common aspect ratios and device sizes.

Export animations as full HD video or animated wallpapers (Live Photo).

Share your videos easily on social media with video resolutions that are social media ready.


How can I rotate or zoom my animation?

You can use common multitouch gestures like pan with one finger or pinch with two fingers to rotate and zoom the animation.

How can I crop my photos or videos to create a sticker?

You can scale and position the photo or video by using a pan and a pinch gesture in the sticker view.

How can I create an animated wallpaper?

Export your animation and then tap on the wallpaper icon on the bottom bar. The animated wallpaper will be saved as a Live Photo in your Photo Library.

How do I delete an imported sticker?

Deselect the sticker and then long press on it: an alert view will show up asking you to confirm.

How long is the duration of my video sticker?

Currently video stickers are cut to 7 seconds.

What is included in the StickerTune Pro subscription?

With StickerTune Pro subscription you will be able to remove the watermark from your videos, export all animations to videos or animated wallpapers in any social media format.